This section documents the code-points used to identify codecs, or sample (access unit) formats. These are the four-character codes of sample entries (sample descriptions) in ISO media files.

There is also a table of boxes that are stored in the sample entries for various track types.

Requests for a code-point in this area should identify the specification of the coding system, as well as the specification where the code-point is defined. The definition of the code-point should document the sample (access unit) format as well as the sample entry (sample description) format. Note that extra boxes (atoms) within the sample entry, which are specific to that coding system, need not be, and usually are not, registered.

Requests for a code-point in this area will normally also cause an objectTypeIndication to be allocated, so that the coding system can be used in MPEG-4 systems. Please indicate if this is not desirable.

Note well: the existence of an ObjectType identification here does not document in which contexts, if any, that code-point may be used. The documentation must be consulted.

Sample Entry Codes Registered to ISO (see below for QuickTime code points)

Code Abstract Stream type (handler) Defined in/by ObjectType
3gvo 3GPP Video Orientation Metadata 3GPP  
ac-3 AC-3 audio Audio ETSI 0xA5
alac Apple lossless audio codec Audio Apple
avc1 Advanced Video Coding Video AVC 0x20
avc2 Advanced Video Coding Video AVC 0x20
avcp Advanced Video Coding Parameters Video AVC 0x20
dra1 DRA Audio Audio DRA 0xA7
drac Dirac Video Coder Video Dirac 0xA4
dtsc DTS Coherent Acoustics audio Audio DTS 0xA9
dtse DTS Express low bit rate audio, also known as DTS LBR Audio DTS 0xAC
dtsh DTS-HD High Resolution Audio Audio DTS 0xAA
dtsl DTS-HD Master Audio Audio DTS 0xAB
ec-3 Enhanced AC-3 audio Audio ETSI 0xA6
enca Encrypted/Protected audio Audio ISMAc, ISO
encs Encrypted Systems stream (various) ISO
enct Encrypted Text Text ISO
encv Encrypted/protected video Video ISMAc, ISO
fdp$20 File delivery hints Hint ISO
g719 ITU-T Recommendation G.719 (2008) Audio ITU G.719 0xA8
g726 ITU-T Recommendation G.726 (1990) Audio SDV
ixse DVB Track Level Index Track Metadata DVB
m2ts MPEG-2 transport stream for DMB Hint DMB-MAF
m4ae MPEG-4 Audio Enhancement Audio MP4v1
m4ae MPEG-4 Audio Enhancement Audio MP4v2 0x40, others
mett Text timed metadata Metadata ISO
metx XML timed metadata Metadata ISO
mjp2 Motion JPEG 2000 Video MJ2
mlix DVB Movie level index track Metadata DVB
mlpa MLP Audio Audio Dolby MLP
mp4a MPEG-4 Audio Audio MP4v1 0x40, others
mp4s MPEG-4 Systems (various) MP4V1 various
mp4v MPEG-4 Visual Video MP4V1 0x20, others
mvc1 Multiview coding Video AVC
mvc2 Multiview coding Video AVC
oksd OMA Keys Metadata OMA DRM XBS
pm2t Protected MPEG-2 Transport Hint ISO
prtp Protected RTP Reception Hint ISO
raw$20 Uncompressed audio Audio MJ2
resv Restricted Video Video AVC
rm2t MPEG-2 Transport Reception Hint ISO
rrtp RTP reception Hint ISO
rsrp SRTP Reception Hint ISO
rtp$20 RTP Hints Hint ISO n/a
s263 ITU H.263 video (3GPP format) Video 3GPP
samr Narrowband AMR voice Audio 3GPP
sawb Wideband AMR voice Audio 3GPP
sawp Extended AMR-WB (AMR-WB+) Audio 3GPP
sevc EVRC Voice Audio 3GPP2 0xA0
sm2t MPEG-2 Transport Server Hint ISO
sqcp 13K Voice Audio 3GPP2 0xE1
srtp SRTP Hints Hint ISO n/a
ssmv SMV Voice Audio 3GPP2 0xA1
stpp Sub-titles (Timed Text) Text DECE
svc1 Scalable Video Coding Video AVC
svcM SVC metadata Metadata AVC
tc64 64 bit timecode samples Timecode Apple
text Textual meta-data with MIME type Metadata MPEG4
tmcd 32 bit timecode samples Timecode Apple
twos Uncompressed 16-bit audio Audio MJ2
tx3g Timed Text stream Text 3GPP
urim URI identified timed metadata Metadata ISO
vc-1 SMPTE VC-1 Video SMPTE 0xA3
xml$20 XML-formatted meta-data Metadata MPEG4

Metadata Item Type Codes Registered to ISO

Code Abstract Defined in/by ObjectType
auvd Auxiliary Video descriptor ISO n/a

Box types contained in specific Sample Entries

Code Abstract For stream (handler) type Defined in/by
avcC AVC Configuration


btrt Bit-rate information General ISO
clap Clean aperture Video ISO
colr Color information (see 1 below) Video ISO


Extrinsic camera parameters Video AVC
esds Elementary stream descriptor General MPEG4
icam Intrinsic camera parameters Video AVC


MPEG-4 descriptors General AVC
mvcC MVC configuration Video AVC
mvcP MVC priority assignment Video AVC
pasp Pixel aspect ratio Video ISO
qlif Layer quality assignments Video AVC
seib Scalability information Video AVC
svcC SVC configuration Video AVC
svcP SVC priority assignments Video AVC
svmC SVC information configuration Metadata AVC
uriI URI Information Metadata ISO
vsib View scalability information Video AVC
vwid View identifier Video AVC
  1. See the color information in the 'misc' tables for the contents of the color information box.

Sample Entry Codes Registered for QuickTime

Code Abstract Stream type (handler) Defined in/by
agsm GSM Audio QT
alaw a-Law Audio QT
CFHD CineForm High-Definition (HD) wavelet codec Video CineForm
civd Cinepak Video Video QT
drac Dirac Video Coder Video Dirac
DV10 Digital Voodoo 10 bit Uncompressed 4:2:2 codec Video Digital Voodoo
dvh5 DVCPRO-HD 1080/50i Video QT
dvh6 DVCPRO-HD 1080/60i Video QT
dvhp DVCPRO-HD 720/60p Video QT
dvi$20 DVI (as used in RTP, 4:1 compression) Audio QT
DVOO Digital Voodoo 8 bit Uncompressed 4:2:2 codec Video Digital Voodoo
DVOR Digital Voodoo intermediate raw Video Digital Voodoo
DVTV Digital Voodoo intermediate 2vuy Video Digital Voodoo
DVVT Digital Voodoo intermediate v210 Video Digital Voodoo
fl32 32 bit float Audio QT
fl64 64 bit float Audio QT
flic Autodesk FLIC animation format Video QT
gif GIF image format Video QT
h261 ITU H.261 video Video QT
h263 ITU H.263 video (QuickTime format) Video QT
HD10 Digital Voodoo 10 bit Uncompressed 4:2:2 HD codec Video Digital Voodoo
ima4 IMA (International Multimedia Assocation, defunct, 4:1) Audio QT
in24 24 bit integer uncompressed Audio QT
in32 32 bit integer uncompressed Audio QT
jpeg JPEG image format Video QT
lpcm Uncompressed audio (various integer and float formats) Audio QT
M105 Internal format of video data supported by Matrox hardware; pixel organization is proprietary Video Matrox
mjpa Motion-JPEG (format A) Video QT
mjpb Motion-JPEG (format B) Video QT
png W3C Portable Network Graphics (PNG) Video QT
PNTG Apple MacPaint image format Video QT
Qclp Qualcomm PureVoice Audio QT
QDM2 Qdesign music 2 Audio QT
QDMC Qdesign music 1 Audio QT
rle$20 Apple animation codec Video QT
rpza Apple simple video 'road pizza' compression Video QT
Shr0 Generic SheerVideo codec Video BitJazz
Shr1 SheerVideo RGB[A] 8b - at 8 bits/channel Video BitJazz
Shr2 SheerVideo Y'CbCr[A] 8bv 4:4:4[:4] - at 8 bits/channel, in ITU-R BT.601-4 video range Video BitJazz
Shr3 SheerVideo Y'CbCr 8bv 4:2:2 - 2:1 chroma subsampling, at 8 bits/channel, in ITU-R BT.601-4 video range Video BitJazz
Shr4 SheerVideo Y'CbCr 8bw 4:2:2 - 2:1 chroma subsampling, at 8 bits/channel, with full-range luma and wide-range two's-complement chroma Video BitJazz
SVQ1 Sorenson Video 1 video Video QT
SVQ3 Sorenson Video 3 video Video QT
tga Truvision Targa video format Video QT
tiff Tagged Image File Format (Adobe) Video QT
ulaw Samples have been compressed using uLaw 2:1. Audio QT
vdva DV audio (variable duration per video frame) Audio QT
WRLE Windows BMP image format Video QT